© photo by Reinout Bos

RESONANCE is a project in progress

With RESONANCE i aim to create a space in which songs and silence can be present as equal players of the performance. What would happen if you allow a space of silence after a song and how long would that silence last in that particular moment after that particular song? Songs are full of stories and imaginations. They evoke images and sensations and feelings in the audience. What if you give that, the resonance of a song, the space and time to be for a while before bringing another song, another story into the space?

This space of resonance and this shared space of silence are at the heart of my work. In my dance work i have been working with stillness and silence for many years and more radically so since 2015 when i started my long time project Field of Disappearance in a two month residency in Finland. In 2018/2019 i worked with a development budget of AFK and Silent Dances were part of this process.

Now i’d like to create a still space in which songs can happen. When i play concerts, something of this silence often already takes place, whether it’s solo or with my band The RIVER. What if this silent time is part of a music concert by deliberately allowing it and prolonging it beyond what seems recognisable in the usual concert setting? How do we live through this resonance, this listening quietly together? Does this silence settle or unsettle? Does it change how we listen to a song? Does it give more space for sensing and embodying for a moment how a song moves you?

RESONANCE had the chance to begin at Come Together in 2020 in Frascati, Amsterdam.

© photo by Bas de Brouwer