Time & Timelessness
13-19 August 2023 | Sunday – Saturday (7 days) | 11:00-17:00 | Amsterdam, NL

“In reality we are always between two times: that of the body and that of consciousness.”

John Berger, in: and our faces, our heart, brief as photos

Lily Kiara draws from Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), experiential anatomy & physiology, Biodynamic Craniosacral practice, Joged Amerta Movement (Suprapto Suryodarmo), poetry and improvisation.

How do we dance (live) in time? What do we respond to, when and how? How can we dance with a sense of timelessness, even if at times?  How might we perceive timelessness and how may it support time and what takes place in it? How do circumstances and context determine what actually happens next? What choices do we make and what do we allow to come to form?

What are the dances we make in this time, the stories, the poems? How much do we make them in time or from timelessness? How does our awareness and our play with time and timelessness affect how we relate to each other and our environment? How does it affect our sense of musicality? What does imagination have to do with all this? 

The 5th day of this week we’ll work alternatively. This could mean working in silence and/or outside and at different times. A proposition will be offered when we’ve started practicing together. 

Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) supports the coming together of dance technique and the creative process simultaneously through the use of imagery, designed to enhance expansion and strength with efficiency and ease. Through practicing within different layers of consciousness, from eyes closed deeper in oneself (deeper imagery), in direct relation to space (movement studies), or in touch with another person (hands-on partner graphics), we can have different felt senses of time and how we live through time. Tuning in and expanding. Being still in place, moving with an image or being moved unexpectedly, slow or fast.

We’ll be making connections throughout the whole workshop between how we experience different principles in the dancing self and how we make dances in time as well as being (together) in a sense of timelessness.

Aligning with time through space. This. Here. Now. The dances created in the moment. What is the dance asking of you now, in this context? Can you listen to what this is and know it instantly through the dancing self, in time? This also offers the possibility of ease: this moment contains and can reveal everything you need to know right now. What are aspects that support this intuitive knowing and being with it? We practice technically and compositionally so there is an availability and readiness in the body and in reading the composition as it unfolds and is being created. We include the practise and generosity of witnessing, watching and being watched, seeing and being seen. How does being seen support and affect our dance?

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a gentle form of bodywork that originates from Osteopathic practice. It holds that the Health of the body is always present in the client. Connecting with the more subtle layers in the self, dynamic stillness, listening and allowing are aspects of its orientation that resonate with approaches in SRT.

I love listening. it is one of the only
spaces where you can be still and
moved at the same time.

– nayyirah waheed

Lily Kiara danced her first improvised solo performance on invitation of her dance teacher at the age of eight. She started her professional training at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (1990-1994), at Bennington College and Movement Research in NYC. Further on, Skinner Releasing Technique (certified teacher since 2001), martial arts and training in instant composition with teachers such as Julyen Hamilton and Lisa Nelson have greatly influenced her work and evolving vision. The work of her late teacher Suprapto Suryodarmo, Joged Amerta Movement continues to inspire her on numerous levels having practiced and performed in Indonesia. She has been making work for over 25 years.

Since graduating in 2021 in London (with almost 300 practice sessions), she has been working as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. Lily also is active as a folk singer-songwriter, solo and with her bands The RIVER and The Tall Tales. She released several CDs and EPs on her own label Sibyl Sings and since 2016 on Zip Records.

Lily Kiara has been teaching classes and workshops in Skinner Releasing Technique and Creating (Instant) Dances, sometimes together with a musician or lighting designer. She has been teaching at independent studios, festivals, academies and art institutions throughout Europe, USA, Australia and Indonesia and also guides artists in their process of making their own work. You can wander through this website for further information and inspiration.

The Summer Intensive is being offered for the 21st year in 2023 and is intended for experienced dancers, choreographers, mimers, actors, musicians etc. so we can deepen and develop the work in the professional field. Experience can mean different things. If you are not sure but wish to join, please contact me through email. As it is an Intensive, it is not possible to come for single days.

13-19 August 2021 | Sunday – Saturday (7 days) | 11:00 – 17:00


BAU Studio | large studio (directions below)
Entrepotdok 4
1018 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

If you wish to join, please send an email. Deadline for signing up is 24 July. It is helpful if you confirm in time by payment or by staying in touch about it, otherwise you may loose your place or the workshop might be cancelled because i don’t know in time who is coming. If you are interested, please register in time and be clear about your participation and registration. It helps these independently set up workshops to be possible. It is very much appreciated! Thank you! Priority is given to participants who commit to coming for the whole workshop. Please send me a few lines of your previous experience. Details for further registration you can find below.

To make your registration complete, you can transfer €400 to the account below. If you cancel up until 10 days before the workshop, €75 administration costs will be kept. If you cancel after that, there can be no refund. You will receive a receipt on the first day. If the workshop is cancelled, you will get the full amount return. If you need other ways of payment, please let me know. If you just communicate about it in time, it is usually fine.

Account (please note the different name!):
IBAN: NL47 INGB 000 349 1465
Account name: A.M. Venendaal, Amsterdam, NL

BAU Studio (large studio)
Entrepotdok 4
1018 AD Amsterdam

From Amsterdam CS a 15 minute walk or bus 22 in direction of Indische Buurt. Out at Kadijksplein (2nd stop). Walk underneath the arch with ‘Entrepot-Dok’ on it. The building is then on the left.

BAU studio and Lily Kiara are not to be held responsible for any physical injury or damage or loss of possessions during the workshop.

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Thank you for your interest! Feel free to contact me if there might be any questions.