Between 2015-2018 I’ve had the chance to tour throughout the USA with my friend and virtuoso guitarist Jimmy Robinson from New Orleans. The first tour in 2015 included Floatstone and photographer Cy Leong from Belgium. In each tour we had interviews and played on several visionary radiostations such as WWOZ, WUTL and WHIVFM in New Orleans and Chicago Acoustic Podcast. Initiated by Jimmy Robinson, we set up The Across The Pond Guitar Festival in New Orleans and in Amsterdam, inviting local musicians in each city when one of us would come to play either way. In 2016 i also toured along the West Coast with Seattle musician JR Rhodes with whom i had already played in Seattle earlier between 1997-2001. 

We toured and played in the states of Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. Along the West Coast we played in Washington and California. While in residencies in dance with Julie Nathanielsz i played in several venues throughout Texas, including a Ghost Town in the Big Bend, near Mexico.

Chicago, video Dan Moore

It’s been a great gift to have Jimmy bring in musicians while in New Orleans to play with my songs, such as Tom Marron (violin, harmonica) and Michael Skinkus (percussion). In 2018 we recorded several songs, some of which will be released on an EP in 2022: Roses (The New Orleans Sessions). Along the West Coast we played with or alongside Kym Tuvim, Jean Mann, Gary Floyd, Ed Ivey, Michael Moore, Blue Ocean Collective.

Here we are on TV in New Orleans in 2018 to promote the Across The Pond Guitar Festival. Dayna Kurtz and Robert Mache played that edition, as well as the New Orleans Guitar Masters.

Thank you each and every host on the way for your generosity and kindness. Such a joy to meet and feel so welcome!

All tours thankfully received support from Zip Records. The tour in 2015 was supported by the NFPK for travel.