Attuning ourselves to lyrical narratives that seem to sing inherently in the space, leading to the physical discourse of shaping space in real and imagined time.

4tet by Marta Warelis, Kaja Draksler (piano, small instruments) and Michael Schumacher, Lily Kiara (dance)

This quartet started working and performing together in 2017. We met in the Doek Festival that year in workshops and performances with improvised dance and music and found common receptivities and curiosities. In 2018 we performed in the opening night of the Doek Festival. 

Musician Michael Moore wrote: “Subtext is a quartet of two dancers and two pianists. From a point of rest they slowly build a narrative, creating a wonderful performance with many layers of meaning. The performers are experienced improvisors; this being only their second encounter will bring a freshness, and sense of immediacy to the proceedings.”

Review (in Dutch) in Draai om je Oren, by Ben Taffijn