At the end of my residency at Saari in Finland, a spontaneous collaboration took place with four other artists working there. In a short time we made a short dance film together in a nearby mysterious and magical oak forest. Here you can watch a silent cut of Kahina | Rustle.

  • Wisa Knuuttila: visual artist, performer, photographer (camera and edit Kahina)
  • Ivana Todorovic: film maker, lecturer (director of Kahina)
  • Tua Hautamäki: stage and costume designer, puppet maker, photographer (costume in Kahina)
  • Silja Järventausta: poet, published several books of poetry (wrote a poem that worked as a kind of underscore for the dance and film making)
  • Lily Kiara: (dance in Kahina)
photo by Wisa Knuuttila