This piece is part of the ongoing project Field of Disappearance, dedicated to stillness and transparency. In If only I could be here now, several aspects of presence, listening and desire in relation to stillness are contemplated into form. For years I’ve performed in silence, without music or text. In this version #reasons to stay, i work with poetry, songs (recorded and sung live), dance and the sense of the need for listening for stillness and urgency for peace.

blood and bones
we made it here
so far so good

in the body 
before the heart is formed
first there is a space
a welcoming 
even before being born

photo black and white by Arnaud Beelen Photography

This video is an excerpt of If only i could be here now (practices in presence) | #reasons to stay, first performed and filmed at Tictac Art Centre, Brussels, B, February 2024. The song Place of Peace is written and sung by JR Rhodes with Wayne Horvitz on piano.