A sharp poetic dialogue in dance and text by Julyen Hamilton and Lily Kiara. In a space sentient with listening, light and accuracy.

Dance artists and poets Julyen Hamilton (GB/E) and Lily Kiara (NL) have been making work together since 2005. They perform dance pieces as well as their poetry and music. Sensuous. Uncompromised. Engaging.


TALK TO ME is a piece with dance, text and lights. It deals with the poetics of conversation both in daily and abstract posing and responding. Sometimes thoughts, contemplations or observations are simply placed in the space, other times they demand a direct response. The urgency and the patience of the imagination transform into the dance and text.



the daily conversing and the abstract response

Lights by Ellen Knops

Originated as third in the series THE PULSE PROJECTS in Melkweg Theater Amsterdam.
First performed in June 2005. Also seen at a.o. the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, and Theater De Regentes in The Hague in 2009. The piece continuously evolves through an ongoing exchange in poetry and dance, and in relation to the different performance spaces. (c) photos: guido de zeeuw, patrick beelaert (taken in De Regentes)

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