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Investigating Performance, Culture and Practise

Field of Reciprocity is a project that took place in January 2017 in Indonesia. It was co-facilitated by artists Margit Galanter, Julie Nathanielsz, Sally Dean (USA), Lily Kiara (NL) and Suprapto Suryodarmo (IND).

It was a three-week research project, into creating an environment of mutual exchange with a focus on performance, each participant bringing their own questions and interests. Facilitators convened a workshop to create a live, intimate, embodied exchange, as well as hold a conversational inquiry into culture, landscape, and our interactions with the place of Candi Teja Amerta, in Tejakula on the North Bali seacoast. We were fifteen people, from Indonesia, Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, and USA, coming from art, healing, education and conflict-resolution perspectives. 
"Inherent in our lives, through our senses and perceptions is reciprocity. We are in an ever-changing dialogue of giving and receiving. How do we practice this in the frame of performance?"

more images of the work will follow


  image top: Julie Nathanielsz / other images: Lily Kiara
  Suprapto Suryodarmo