Series of dance performances

Lily Kiara: dance & text
Felicity Provan: cornet & vocals

Wilbert de Joode: double bass
Felicity Provan: cornet, vocals
Eileen Standley, Maggie Harvey, Lily Kiara: dance

Julyen Hamilton, Lily Kiara: dance & text

Lights in all performances are from Ellen Knops

THE PULSE PROJECTS is a series initiated by Lily Kiara. PULSE represents each individual’s timing. It looks at perception, influence and use of time. Each performance is approached from a different perspective of time, in several collaborations. Each perspective investigates and proposes an inherent PULSE for each piece, which brings along its own sense of time and character.
Each change in timing, changes the way we are related and reflects the intimacy of the moment.

A series of performances offers me the possibility to look at time from a different perspective in each piece and to be specific; I don’t need to present all my interests in this area in one single project and can focus on different aspects of time over a period of one year.


Each piece now is presented on its own and continues to be performed. See also TALK TO ME.

The first performances of THE PULSE PROJECTS are a co-production of Free Fall Dance & Music Projects with Melkweg Theater in Amsterdam. They were presented as a series in 3x2 performances at Melkweg Theater during the season 2004/2005.

THE PULSE PROJECTS are supported by VSBfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Amsterdam, Dansateliers Rotterdam, Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, and by Institute for Choreography & Dance, and Irish Arts Council, Ireland.

photos by guido de zeeuw
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