'I am the queen of my own queendom'

a solo with dance, text and songs by Lily Kiara

Having lived with the abundance of movement, words and music for many years,
Moving South is the first project in which they find their way to move together.

…”It’s about a drift away from artwork that is aiming for aesthetic form towards direct contact with the audiences, uniqueness, rawness and spontaneity.”… In: Teatteri 5/06  by Eeva Kauppinen, Finland, Autumn 2006

The performance is a personal portrait, a solo piece of a woman sharing her intimate experiences and thoughts, in subjective movements. It is through this intimacy and subjectivity, the piece shows a portrait of possibly any woman, or man. A portrait of questions and facts, of searching and of finding. A performance about desire.

Texts and songs are not always performed in their full or original form; conventions of song and poem are broken by the dance and theatre. Dance, songs and text intertwine and follow up and create their own logic and music. All text, spoken and sung, becomes like one poem which unfolds during the performance. The dance tears and connects; the body as the queen of the performance.

“...Moving South is a solo in which virtuosic artist Lily Kiara combines  the different elements dance, music and text in appropriate proportions...”                        - in: Tiedonantaja, 4 August 2006, Finland.

 ‘You say you never walk this way
Something’s growing out of this
I’m telling you I am moving today
South – that’s where it is’

review (Dutch) of Moving South in Melkweg Theater


Images at Dancehouse, Melbourne by Tatjana Plitt.
Moving South has been performed between 2006 and 2009 at several theatres and festivals throughout The Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Russia and Australia. First performance 28 March 2006, Melkweg Theater Amsterdam.

Moving South is a co-production of St. Sibyl Sings (formerly Stichting Free Fall Dance & Music Projects) and Melkweg Theater Amsterdam. With generous support of Mooi Weer Spelen Delft.

lights: Ellen Knops; dramaturgy: Robert Steijn; artistic guidance: Julyen Hamilton; camera Helsinki: Giorgio Convertito; DVD Helsinki performance: ADME DVD’s 2006


Moving South in Russia and Tornio/Hapaaranda has been made possible with support of Fund for Performing Arts in the Netherlands. Moving South in Australia has been made possible with support of: Dancehouse Melbourne, the Netherlands Fund for Performing Arts+, and the Embassy of the Kindom of the Netherlands in Canberra.

photos: judith schoonman julyen hamiltontatjana plitt
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