Lily Kiara

dancer/choreographer & singer/songwriter

Fishing In The Field out now!! Listen to The King

"Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones, Suzanne Vega…Lily Kiara would love to connect to this line of musicians and that is exactly what she does with ‘Fishing In The Field’. And more, because with the addition of a number of jazz musicians she takes in a unique place in this line of female singer-songwriters. "

"Fishing In The Field has international allure and is in the area of singer-songwriters the best we heard so far this year."








USA tour 2017 / live video Chicago


New dance project:

Field of Disappearance (solo)


upcoming live:

7 July: The RIVER

15 July: ESSAYS: 3 dance pieces









© photos by Sara Anke Morris (l) and Judith Schoonman (r)



Sibyl Sings label