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  Click this link to see us on TV in NEW ORLEANS, with Jimmy Robinson, 19 September 2018  

DANCE - excerpts SILENT DANCES, 2018, Amsterdam




MUSIC - USA Tour 2018 - The Jazz Museum, New Orleans - with Jimmy Robinson (guitar), Tom Marron (harmonica), Michael Skinkus (percussion)



MUSIC - USA Tour 2018 - Solo at Sunset At The Landing, Covington, Louisiana



DANCE - Trailer SILENT DANCES, 2018, Amsterdam


DANCE - Kahina/Rustle, collaboration during Saari Residency, Finland 2015 / Oak forest / silent cut




MUSIC - USA Tour 2017 - Uncommon Ground, Chicago - with Jimmy Robinson



DANCE - 20 seconds of Towards Disappearance, 2017, Dokzaal, Amsterdam



MUSIC - Tour 2017 - with Jimmy Robinson, Joost Buis, Felicity Provan, OT301, Amsterdam - La Bestia




MUSIC - USA Tour 2016 - Chickie Wah Wah, New Orleans - with Jimmy Robinson and Tom Marron - Pour Me Sweet



MUSIC - with my band The RIVER in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam






DANCE - SAYA IKAN / I AM A FISH / IK BEN EEN VIS, with Michael Moore, Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam