Sit. Feast on your Life.


Sit. Feast on your Life. is a dance solo performed by Titta Court. It is a poetic piece that contemplates and considers a rearranging of the (immediate) world to see if a different point of view could make living in it more gentle or perhaps more cruel.
The movement of change, sometimes radical, other times gradual and more subtle, yet always luring, is based on an underlying stillness.

a dance solo for Titta Court

directed by Lily Kiara

Sounds and single words are part of the vocabulary of the piece. They create single worlds which link interactively and live in the context of the moment as well as in the context of the whole piece. The music comes from original sounds from different environments in the north of Finland.

music by Pekka Ruth

Premiere 20, 21 October 2007, Musiikkitalo Tornio, Finland

c photos Lily Kiara

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