The performance has been nominated for 'Best touring dance performance' in Austin, TX, USA 2012/2013. It is also being mentioned in the Top 9 Dance Concerts of 2013 in Austin.

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dance, spoken text and live music

A poetic performance about the resonance of the colonial history of the Dutch East Indies on three generations of Indo-Europeans. War. Not a piece about guilt or victimhood, but contemplating migration, choices, perceptions and the raising of questions, from the desire to find connectedness and wholeness.

In October 2012 the piece was seen at Het Veem Theater Amsterdam, together with musicians Felicity Provan and Michael Moore (each one night) and light designer  Ellen Knops.

The piece is being performed in different contexts and formats to keep it alive and evolving. A solo version with English text was performed in Austin, USA, in April 2013. The next performance is, after new developments of the piece, with Michael Moore and Ellen Knops, again to be seen at Het Veem Theater in Amsterdam on 22 and 23 February 2014.

Further upcoming dates will be noted here and under 'performances'in the menu on the left. For information you can also contact Sibyl Sings.

photo: Patrick Beelaert at TONG TONG Festival

“…Kiara has a clear voice, pleasant to listen to. Her story sounds truthful, not artificially studied. Her texts contain poetic jewels. Sometimes the story is interchanged with dance, other times words simultaneously illustrate her gestures… The performance excels in vulnerable intimate scenes…”
(about SAYA IKAN / I AM A FISH) Jimat Pelupessy, oktober 2012

The text will be spoken in Dutch. However, there will be some written text available in English before the performance to invite you into the piece, in the form of a description and some text impressions, rather than a translation.

Idea, dance and text: Lily Kiara
Text in collaboration with Michiel Klein Nulent
Music: each night one musician will play:
Michael Moore: clarinet, saxophone
Felicity Provan: trumpet, vocals
Light design: Ellen Knops
Advise: Jeroen Fabius

Trailer: Jochem Jürgens
Photography: Judith Schoonman
Video: Kagi –Jong Kag Park
Advise Indisch Netwerk: Peter Bouman

Thank you: Michiel Klein Nulent, Nikki Broos, Robert Steijn, Makiko Ito, Wim Alexander, Miri Lee

A production of Stichting Sibyl Sings in collaboration with Het Veem Theater. SAYA IKAN / I AM A FISH is supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland.

poem by Lucas Hirsch (in Dutch)

poem by Muriel Rukeyser

excerpts on vimeo